Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a young form of yoga. It was developed in 1995 by the physician Dr Madan Kataria and his wife Madhuri in Mumbai. Laughing without a reason is simply a matter of practice and is easy to learn. Combined with specific breathing techniques from pranayama and a fantasy journey to a place of well-being, laughter yoga is an incredibly effective relaxation method - with all its physiological and psychological benefits.

I am of Indian origin, a secular Hindu, and would like to live my religious heritage in my own way. As my idea of Seva (service to society), once a month I host the Laugh Yoga Club "Free Your Laughter" here in Bonn. Whoever comes donates 5 Euros to the flower fund.
(For more see "Befrei Dein Lachen/ Free your laughter)



I offer coaching, mediation and psychotherapy in the heart of Bonn.

How does laughter yoga work?

Anyone who believes that autogenic training can work through the suggestion that "I am calm" can also learn that the suggestion "I am laughing" can simply cause laughter, without requiring a reason, simply by doing. Laughter Yoga is beneficial because it does not focus on the problems in your life. Instead, you simply do something good for yourself, thereby influencing your mood, breathing and relaxing - and just let it work. This provides you with a mental break, regeneration and mood booster - it strengthens your feeling of being able to influence your feelings and it increases your joy of life, because with laughter yoga you have something to counteract the other feelings.

Prerequisites for laughter yoga

The Laughter Yoga Club can be visited indepenently of any religious orientation or coaching or psychotherapy with me. The only condition I ask is that you sign a disclaimer listing the contraindications, as recommended by the founder.

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