Hypno-systemic conversation according to Milton Erickson

Hypno-systemic conversation is a method to create a therapeutic dialogue. The aim of this method is to "direct" the client's attention to solutions. To do this, I ask questions above all: questions that enable seeking solutions. This approach is based on the idea that every human being is largely unconsciously self-regulating.


In conversation, we search for those interfaces most appropriate for you to address consciously to influence your self-regulation to identify solutions. This is done primarily through the ability of each person to direct his or her attention.



I offer coaching, mediation and psychotherapy in the heart of Bonn.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis in the "narrower" sense means to create a sleep-like state. The body is deeply relaxed and, depending on the depth of relaxation, the consciousness is sometimes more and sometimes less awake. "Hypnotic" work in the broader, far more frequent sense, produces a changed state of attention differing from everyday consciousness. This is only possible with the consent of the person being hypnotized, who then goes into a kind of trance. This helps to more easily bring the (mostly logical) conscious and the (mostly holistic/emotive) unconscious into a good balance.

Working with deep relaxation is not always necessary, nor may it in very rare cases even be possible.

What is helpful about hypno-systemic conversation?

Very often it is the "simple" conversation that is helpful. Systemic work is solution-oriented and seeks to understand the wider context, the system, through specific questions. Based on the assumption that a person always regulates him- or herself for a good goal or reason in a way that may only seem problematic in a specific context, problems are also seen as solutions for something that has not yet been understood positively. For this purpose, it sometimes makes sense to recognize, acknowledge and appreciate old patterns in depth; and sometimes it makes sense to head directly towards the goal. The conversation "swings" back and forth between different interfaces and states of attention until you feel a clear direction emerge to shape your everyday life.

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